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50% of profits donated to
protecting public lands

Everyone deserves wild places.
Gear up to give back to the places you adventure.

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Adventure with purpose

Seek More Wilderness was founded by Isak & Maria in 2016 to provide goods for outdoor adventurers that want to give back to the places they adventure.

Public lands are more threatened than ever before, and we believe our wild places deserve to be protected.

We provide a better future for outdoor enthusiasts by making it as easy as possible to give back to the places you adventure.

50% of profits are donated to defending the wild.

Maria's Story

It started with an idea: “What if our outdoor clothing and goods protected the outdoors?”

The reality is our public lands are not guaranteed. They can be shrunk, damagingly leased, detrimentally under-funded, and ruined by big businesses. In fact, these things do happen, but today they are happening at an alarmingly-faster rate and with less and less regard to the land itself and the opinions of the people who cherish it.

I strongly believe getting outside and being among nature is immensely important to the human soul. With two big breaths at the beginning of a hike, I release my shoulders, let go of my stress, and leave my work at work. Without our public lands, where would I go seek more wilderness to release, let go and reset?

Where would you seek more wilderness if our public lands were taken away?

I co-founded Seek More Wilderness to grow individual support of our public lands and to foster a movement of everyday adventures, absolutely regardless of skill level, to seek more wilderness and outwardly express love for our public lands both on the trail and in everyday life.

At Seek More Wilderness, it’s our goal to make supporting and defending of our public lands part of your everyday life. From the hat on your head while you’re hiking to the coffee mug you grab on your way out the door, your support of public lands is extended to every person you meet on the trail and coworker you pass in the office. 

You can become a public land defender. 

Imagine the impact if the 300 million people that visited our national parks in 2018 (which does not include our other equally-important public lands) were Seek More Wilderness advocates, expressing their support and defending our public lands with others.

That is our goal. To create a community and movement of public land defenders, where we can nod at each person on the trail wearing a Seek More Wilderness hat and know we are both defending public lands. Together, we are working to keep our public lands protected.

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Isak's Story

My passion for wild places started at an early age.

It started as a kid when my parents would bring my family up to the Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness in northern Minnesota. We’d spend summer weeks paddling island to island without seeing another group. I’d watch sunrises and sunsets with new eyes, noticing all the little details in the rocks, trees, lakes. At night, the stars would twinkle overhead while loon calls echoed over the void.

As I grew older, I studied ecology in the prairies of Iowa, the mountains of Colorado, and the desert of Moab. I specialized in plant ecology (but had a big soft spot for birds and rocks), and I like to joke that I minored in definitely-not-work-related hiking, too. When I wasn’t in the field studying plant communities, I was exploring river valleys and conifer forests, finding alone time to just exist, outside in the wild.

Then I had a personal transformative moment. I didn’t want to spend my life researching how climate change and human land use was hurting plant life in the mountains. I didn’t want to spend my life measuring the destruction of wild places. I wanted to speak up for them, to do something - anything - to protect them.

I started to get obsessed with public lands. I wanted to visit each national park, then each monument, then every wilderness area along the way. When I saw headlines about shrinking national monuments and fast-tracking extraction development on public lands, I didn’t just feel frustrated. I felt driven. I started reading books and books on the history of public lands & environmental battles. I talked to my representatives about how important these places are. I spent time in the wild with a new perspective. But it wasn’t enough for me.

I knew there had to be a better future for public lands, in every part of the United States. I knew there were tons of people just like me who loved getting outside but wanted to do something in return to protect the places they adventure.

And that’s what we’re creating through Seek More Wilderness.

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Together we decided to solve the problems surrounding public lands.
So we founded Seek More Wilderness.


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