3 Ways We Support National Parks

Here’s a no-brainer: our National Parks are awesome. Their wild beauty inspires us to do better. Disconnecting from the busyness of daily life to explore mountains, forests and rivers is just plain good for us. And it’s time to give back to the National Parks for everything they do.

Seek More Wilderness donates 50% of all profits toward supporting and protecting the National Parks; these donations are given to our partners twice a year. We believe in protection projects that keep parks wild, in building new park stewards by engaging youth and people of all backgrounds with parks to foster health, wellness, and a shared appreciation for National Parks.

Here are 4 ways Seek More Wilderness purchase supports and protects the parks:


  • 1. Getting Kids in Parks
  • Introducing kids to national parks creates an outdoor classroom for them to learn about nature and teamwork, explore health and wellness through outdoor recreation, and become advocates for our parks and our environment. Our partner Wilderness Inquiry leads the canoemobile program, which exposes students of all backgrounds to the outdoors in six 24-foot Voyageur canoes. Altogether, this program has brought over 10,000 underserved youth on canoe trips that inspire confidence and wonder in the outdoors. Hundreds of these students have gone on to explore educational and career opportunities in the outdoor industry.



  • 2. Protecting Conservation Policy, Public Lands and Park Health
  • People visit parks to engage with nature — to explore the wild, to hike through trails filled with birdsong instead of traffic noise, and to stretch their eyes across a natural landscape filled with mountains, trees and prairies. The National Parks wouldn’t be what they are without people upholding conservation laws, protecting clean air and water, funding conservation projects, protecting wildlife and ecological health, and preserving the very essence of national parks for future generations to enjoy.

    We donate to the Coalition to Protect America’s National Parks to protect the National Park System’s mission and values. The Coalition is made up of over 1,400 National Park employees that have years of hiking-boots-on-the-ground experience in advocating and working for our parks. With members ranging from NPS directors to park rangers and maintenance workers, the Coalition brings over 35,000 years of experience to the table, speaking up for the National Parks and ensuring they get the help they need. The Coalition is currently working on keeping parks free from energy development and advocating for more park funding for overdue repairs and maintenance.


  • 3. Increasing Inclusion in Outdoor Adventures
  • Outdoor adventures are one of the best things in life, and some of the best adventures happen in the National Parks. We think everyone has the right to have unforgettable outdoor adventures, and that enthusiasm for the outdoors is more important than experience or ability.

    We donate to Wilderness Inquiry to support outdoor adventures that include people from all walks of life. Wilderness Inquiry focuses on access, inclusion and opportunity, welcoming people of all backgrounds, ages, and abilities to explore the outdoors. Their Gateway to Adventure program brings adults with developmental disabilities, brain injuries, and other cognitive disabilities together to develop the skills they need to explore the outdoors. These 3-7 day trips introduce them to the beauty of National Parks, public lands, and other outdoor spaces. Programs like these ensure the outdoors is an equal playing field for everyone.


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